One Time Sell 11.6 MW POWER PLANT

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One complete 11.6 MW capacity coal fired co-generation plant consisting of the following components:

A. 1985 Zurn Two-Drum Multi-Pass Boiler of Open-Air type construction, with Super
Capacity: 150,000 PPH Heating Surface: 15439
Pressure: 950 PSIG Water Walls: 2491
Temperature: 845 Degrees F. Max. Design Press
Of Super Heater: 1050
Max. Press: 1050 PSIG Heating Surface: 4549 sq. ft.

Boiler is equipped with rotary grate stokers with traveling grate bed, and
Zurn fly-ash collectors, hot over-burn with ash re-introduction, bag houses x 6,
Buffalo AD and ID fans, and pollution abatement equipment.

Additional components include; a) deareator, b) boiler feed pump, c) steam-turbine
pump, economizer (with one bad tube) , d) coal handling equipment, e) five (5)
fiberglass demineralized water tanks, f) one condensate storage tank, g) three (3)
Gould pumps and motors, h) water softener system, i) caustic system, j) demineralizer
system, k) two (2) Marley cooling towers with transfer pumps, l) two overhead
cranes for turbine room, and m) all motor control centers and solid state control
system for boiler and turbines.

B. 1986 Mitsubishi  indoor, single cylinder, single flow, implulse type, geared,
Multi-stage Back Pressure Steam Turbine.
Rated Output: 6.6 MW
Inlet Steam: 890 PSIG
Temperature: 845 Degrees F.
Exhaust: 150 PSIG (at exhaust flange)
Speed: 9500 RPM
Rotation: C. C. W. (facing governor end)
Power factor: 0.8

C. 1986 Shinko Electric Generator;
Output: 6600 KW Type: TK7L-AF-1250-T
Volts: 4160 Exc. Volts: 170
Current: 1145 A Field Cur: 271 A
P. F: 0.8 RPM: 1800
Phases: 3
Poles: 4
Hertz: 60
Condition of Goods
Power Requirements
11.6 MW