Sell 114 outdooor optical node

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Adopt PHILIPS, PHOTON and PIN high-reliable optical inspector, make sure the good index of the C/N. Imported the PHILIPS or MOTORALA low-noisy push-pull amplify module and PHILIPS or MOTOROLA double power module to make sure the good index of the C/CTB, C/CSO.
Adopt the PHILIPS low-noisy return amplify module, chose the DFB laser to be the return optical source to make sure the good index of the NPR.
Configured two optical receiving module, two return optical transmit module and two power supply at the most to make sure the reliability and safety of the system.
108dBuV from four output ports, every port can be adjusted separately, driving about 100 terminal consumers without any amplifier devices.
Plug-in fix dual-filter, fix ATT and EQ for the testing port to make sure adjusting conveniently.
Adopt Bi-directional filter in return part and low-noisy pre-amplifier in reverse part, compensate the loss of the reverse part to meet the low level ( 70dBuV ) from signal to optical output port, improving the reverse noise.
High-access filter ( 15M~1G or choose ) restrain the noise 15MHz. Low-access filter (5~65M or choose ) restrain forward 85MHz signal which pass from Dual-filter to return path, prevent over carry of the return laser.
Waterproof cast-aluminium, high-reliable switch power, anti-thunder system, make sure the properly operation.