Sell 12% foliar fertilzier with amino acid

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Foliar Fertilizer with Amino-acid
According to growing features, we have adopted American advanced technology and processing to chelate amino-acid active protein and such trace elements as Ca, B, Zn, Fe, Mn, Cu, Mo etc. with imported specific addition agent. It is characterized with high activity and quick assimilation. After being applied, it can quickly complement necessary nutrients, enhance growing strongly, ensure quality of flower and fruit, increase yields, improve fruit color and prevent physiological diseases caused by lack of elements. In addition, it can strengthen plants ability to resist drought, cold and lodging.

Spray: During growing period, spray 800 to 1000-time diluted solution twice or 3 times with the interval of 10 days.
Spread: Apply 2 to 3-time diluted solution.
Root-irrigate: Apply 800-time diluted solution.