Sell 12,000-48,000 Filler&Crowner for Glass Bottles

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This series of filler & crowner corker is based on Germany Krones technology which is advanced domestically. It is used for filling carbonated beverage in the glass bottle which has the under bottom carrier. Adopt PLC control and detect the liquid level automatically. The machine is made of stainless material of high quality, hygienic in structure, and easy in maintenance.

1. Multiple application: The machine is applicable on various sizes of glass bottles (height 150-330mm, diameter 50-90mm)
2. Easy adjustment: Press the button to adjust the height of the filling chamber. For different size of the bottles, some parts may be dismantled or replaced easily without any special tools.
3. Advanced structure: The filling chambers are supported on the big thrush ball bearing for smooth rotation. There is pre-cover device to ensure the centering of the valve outlet and the bottle mouth. The suspending cylinder carrier and cantilever bottle carrier are also available. The piston bar is protected by the cover from being damaged in case of glass broken.
4. High efficiency and low loss: Owing to smart and advanced structure, it is characterized by fast filling and low gall breakage. Once the glass is broken, the filling valve will shut off automatically, and a burst flushing system will wash away the fragments to avoid any damage to the air system and liquid filling system.
5. Sanitation: All parts which contact the beverage are made of high-quality stainless steel subject to precise polishing. The CIP system connects to the machine directly, it cleans and sterilizes the whole machine without dismantling any parts or pipes.
6. PLC control: The liquid level is detected automatically for easy operation and maintenance.