Sell 12-Lead ECG/EKG series: ECG-01/01D

12-Lead ECG/EKG series: ECG-01/01D You May Also Be Interested In: 12 lead 12 lead ecg 12 lead ecg ekg 12 lead ekg ekg ecg
ECG/EKG series: ECG-01/01D
ECG-01: Digital 12-lead, Single channel, character LCD, measure report, RS232 interface (software optional)
ECG-01D: Digital 12-lead, Single channel, 320x240 LCD, waveform display, RS232 interface (software optional) , measure report, 8 patients' information deposit

Single Channel ECG-01
LCD heartrate, printer measurement result

Single channel digital ECG machine FEATURES:

1. Single channel digital ECG machine with measurement
2. Simultaneous 12 leads acquisition
3. Multiple operation mode (Manual /Auto/Ref. lead)
4. LCD to display operation status and heart rate (Digit and word)
5. print:1 lead waveform, measurement result
6. Built in RS232 interface
7. AC/DC power, Built in rechargeable Ni-MH battery
8. Option:RS232 software, RS232+USB software
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