Sell 1200W moving head light

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Remote control of lamp on/off (16bit)
Separate remote control of motor debug
Tunable aperture size (shooting beam size can be tuned according to filed programming)
0-100% mechanical liner dimming (tunable from full blanking to full opening effect)
1-20 blinks/second ultra high speed flash tuning effect
Two separated 8-dichroic color+ white wheels, with the correction filters
3200K and 6000K creating 180 different moving colors as beautiful as the rainbow
Rotating four face prism, fog magnifying prism, comet lens, repeated pattern prism effect with 5 fixing elegant GOBO (4 fixing GOBO+1 glass+1 white) and 5 rotating elegant GOBO (3 stainless rotating GOBO + 1 glass GOBO+1 white) , creating more visual effect and all the GOBO can be replaced.
Smooth and silent revolving of a big range of 570 degree in X-axis and 270 degree in Y-axis, automatic electronic sensor to zero
LED screen controls DMX coding and built-in unctions election
Smooth IRIS linear adjustment. Smooth, silent rotation of the GOBO wheel provides sharp projected images. The 12 to 32 degree step less zooming feature, freely tunable and the heat-resistant Smooth IRIS make the gobo have manifold manifestation!
The reflectors are made of glass with dichotic coating. Make the temperature radiating to back of the reflector Special coating include and UV dichotic, filler produces a luminous flux up to 10% higher, with otherwise identical lamp data.
Built-in over heat protection and high voltage protection, electric triggers when it do not normal work or open the shell when it works it will be auto off, so its very safe.
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