Sell 1200w Moving Head Light

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1. Channel: 28CH
2. Lamp: Osram HMI 1200. (1200W Short arc dischage)
3. CMY System:
Cyan: 0-100% output plus color deviation adjusting
Magenta: 0-100% output plus color deviation adjusting
Yellow: 0-100% output plus color deviation adjustion
4. Two Gobo wheels: both with 5 glass gobos which can rotating, replace, fixed position plus white
5. Special effect wheel: 3 facet-prism, beam of light shape prism, foggy prism+ white, and customer can choose steps prism
6. Color Wheel: 6 color + white, linear color temperature adjustment56000K-32000K
7. Control of effect gobo wheel: electric automatic reset
8. Double gobo wheel automatic focus: automatically focus according to the changing of the gobo
9. Linear focus: 2m---+ infinity
10. Pan5400. tilt2700
11. Power: 1700W
12. Size:506*498*760mm
13. Weight: 53kgs