Sell 12v and 24v minimotor

12v  and 24v minimotor You May Also Be Interested In: office automation equipment
Model: RG50M555
Voltage: 12VDC, 24VDC
Power: 1.5W~7W
Rotate: 2.0R. P. M , 3.2R. P. M , 4.4R. P. M, 6.3R. P. M, 7.7R. P. M, 12R. P. M , 15R. P. M , 25R. P. M, 30R. P. M, 51R. P. M, 60R. P. M, 102R. P. M, 120R. P. M, 210R. P. M, 240R. P. M, 420R. P. M

Ratio: 1: 8, 1: 14, 1: 33, 1: 55, 1: 130, 1: 220, 1: 520, 1: 883

Direction: CW, CCW
Application: Automat, office automation equipment, ATM, cofee machines