Sell 12v and 24v and 6v DC gearmotor

12v and 24v and 6v DC gearmotor You May Also Be Interested In: dc gearmotor
Model: SG-27
Voltage: 6VDC 12VDC
Power: 0.3W~0.5W
Rotate: 5.5R. P. M , 6R. P. M , 6.5R. P. M, 7.0R. P. M, 8R. P. M, 8.1R. P. M , 8.5R. P. M , 10.5R. P. M, 11.5R. P. M, 15R. P. M, 16R. P. M, 20R. P. M, 26R. P. M, 29R. P. M, 38R. P. M, 39R. P. M, 50R. P. M, 51R. P. M, 67R. P. M, 73R. P. M, 95R. P. M, 96R. P. M, 97R. P. M, 125R. P. M, 128R. P. M, 160R. P. M

Ratio: 1:30, 1:39, 1:74, 1:97, 1:187, 1:244, 1:468, 1:610

Direction: CW, CCW
Application: Automat, Coin Refund Devices, Ticket Selling Machines, OA Equipment