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Offered is 13,000 new paperbacks titled "Messages Of The Heart" by Edward Allen Lee. Mr. Lee had five of his stories published in "Chicken Soup For The Prisoner's Soul". . . . the most of any author. Tom Lagana (co-author of this Chicken Soup series book) , endorses Edward Allen Lee as a "Master Storyteller" on the cover of the paperback.

Edward Allen Lee's writings have appeared in Reader's Digest and he has been published by Bantam Books. He has won 'The American Pen Award' and the 'Amelia Award' for his short stories.

There is no particular order or rule to the short stories in "Messages Of The Heart" other than they are all factual. Some are reflections and memories of Edward Allen Lee's childhood and some are his experiences and feelings in the prison system.

This book offers a variety of experiences and emotions from a prisoner's point of reference; regrets; fear; loneliness; faith; violence; mercy and survival.

This book will offer a type of healing to the reader as well as a better look at what prison and a prisoner really are.

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