Sell 13003,13005, D313, D1047, TIP35C

13003,13005, D313, D1047, TIP35C You May Also Be Interested In: gas discharge tube ntc thermistor pptc resettable fuse ptc thermistor resettable fuse
We markets a wide range of electronics Components, including PPTC Resettable fuse, PTC Thermistor, PTC Heater, NTC Thermistor, NTC Overheat Sensor, Varistor, Gas Discharge Tube(GDT) , Transit Voltage Supressor(TVS) , Diode, Transistor.

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Major item: 13003, 13005, D313, TIP35C, D1047,


13003, T0-126,
Price: 0.040 USD/PCS.

13003, T0-220,
Price: 0.085 USD/PCS.

13005, T0-220,
Price: 0.125 USD/PCS.

D313 , T0-220,
Price: 0.085 USD/PCS.

Price: 0.280 USD/PCS.

Price: 0.355 USD/PCS,