Sell 14" - 15" - 17" CRT / CPT from US$ 9,00

14" - 15" - 17" CRT / CPT from US$ 9,00 You May Also Be Interested In: 15 crt 17 crt 17 in crt crt tv sets
Available in sizes 14inch and 15inch and 17inch.

-No Sony/Mitsubishi (Trinitron) CCRT / CPT.
-All are standard sizes with standard connectors.
-Supplied including yoke (D/Y) and powerconnector.
-On request we can supply line-transformer as well.
-Very suitable for making TV-sets in combination with SKD kit.

Quality Assurance

Each CCRT/CPT is carefully visual inspected for any screenburns , scratches or lost vacuum.
CCRTs/CPTs are individually tested with a Mueter BMR 2005 REMGAS CRT Analyzer Regenerator.

We have a constant supply available
Prices from $ 9,00 / pc
Inspection in the Netherlands is welcome
Supply Capacity
5,000 per month
Condition of Goods
Minimum Order Quantity
112 units
Terms of Sale
EXW Netherlands
Warranty Coverage
30 days