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Power line communication is abbreviated as PLC technology, its basic principle refers to utilizing the low-voltage grid to transmit multimedia signals, such as data, voice, picture, etc. at a high speed, that is to say, low-voltage power line acts as information carrier loaded with signal, modem functions as receiver separate signals from power line, then the signals are conveyed to the equipments, such as computers or telephones, etc. , in order to realize information transmission.

PLC technology takes on remarkable characteristics such as no connection up, wide coverage, convenient joint, high quality, fast transmission speed, and being steady, suitable for the residential quarters, hotels, offices, safeguard systems etc. , especially suitable for broadband reconstruction in the already built up architectures, thereby it is hailed as one of the most competitive technologies for the last kilometer solution by the insiders.

PLC equipments consist of router, repeater and modem.

Low-voltage power line modem GD51X1-MODEM is a access equipment for terminal computer linking to PLC broadband. It demodulates signals from power line, and sends signals to users' terminal network equipments directly.

GD51X1-MODEM has five indicator lamps (POWER, LINK, ACT, COL, LINK/ACT) ; a power interface; a RJ _ 45 interface; a USB interface. a USB and a RJ _ 45 selection switches.

Main Features
l Up to 14Mbps High-Speed Data Transfer Rate, maximum distance is above 100 m
l Multiple communication protocol (TCP/IP, NetBEUI, IPX/SPX)
l 56-bit DES Link Encryption with key management for secure power-line communication
l Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) with signal processing techniques for high data reliability in noisy media conditions
l Integrated Quality of Service (QoS) features: prioritized random access, contention-free access, and segment bursting
l CSMA/CA scheme with prioritization and automatic repeat request (ARQ) for reliable delivery of Ethernet packets
l Power-line coupling to inject signals into power line

Technical data
l Network standard: HomePlug1.0
l Computer interface: RJ45 AND USB
l Transmission medium interface: Power Plug
l Transmission medium: 220V 50Hz/110V60H alternating current grid
l Bandwidth Range: 4.3 MHz -20.9MHz
l The intensity of signal: -10dBm
l Output/input impedance: 50(Ohms)
l Transmission means: OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing)
l Carrier number: No. 128
l MAC protocol: CMSA/CA
l Error- correcting: ARQ FEC
l Transfer rate: Maximum 14Mbps (physical layer)
l Transmission length100m (cable actual length)
l LED indicators: Power ON/OFF Link Status Active Collision Link/ACT
l Dimensions (mm) : 105W82W32
l Power Consumption (Wt) : 2.5W
l Operating Conditions (0) : 0  500
l Placement Conditions (0) : -20  80 0
l Humidity: 10%-90%

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Power Requirements
220V 50Hz/110V60H
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