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Power line communication is abbreviated as PLC technology, its basic principle refers to utilizing the low-voltage grid to transmit multimedia signals, such as data, voice, picture, etc. at a high speed, that is to say, low-voltage power line acts as information carrier loaded with signal, modem functions as receiver separate signals from power line, then the signals are conveyed to the equipments, such as computers or telephones, etc. , in order to realize information transmission.

PLC technology takes on remarkable characteristics such as no connection up, wide coverage, convenient joint, high quality, fast transmission speed, and being steady, suitable for the residential quarters, hotels, offices, safeguard systems etc. , especially suitable for broadband reconstruction in the already built up architectures, thereby it is hailed as one of the most competitive technologies for the last kilometer solution by the insiders.

PLC equipments consist of router, repeater and modem.

PLC Repeater, like PLC router, is a PLC gateway too. It improves coverage by means of repeating technology. It has one purpose: to extend communication distance by separating two or more subnets on a long power line. Different subnets interconnect through a repeater.

Features & Benefits
l Power line communication distance extension, up to double
l IP layer routing
l Firewall Security
Protects your in-home network from outside invaders through NAT and IP packet filtering
l Built-In DHCP Server
l Easy remote and local administration through a Web-based Configuration
l Provides access control to different users
l Virtual Server supports
Local WWW, FTP and other Services can be accessed by remote Internet users
l Standard Support: HomePlug 1.0 , IEEE802.3, TCP/IP

Technical data
Internet Connection
Auto obtain local IP address , DNS server address, IPS gateway address from ISP as a DHCP client
Multicast support
1 Half-duplex 14Mbps power line network processor (WAN)
1 Half-duplex 14Mbps power line network processor (LAN)
Dimensions (mm) : 214 W 116 W 26
LAN port
Support TCP/IP protocol
Support NAT---- Change network address (this function can allow users to visit Internet using the same IP address)
Built-in DHCP server
Media: power line
LEDs: Link/Active/collision/power/running
IP packet filtering
Web-based management
Hardware Function
High-speed processor
Built-in SDRAM, Flash, EEPROM
1 Auto-sensing 14Mbps Base-TX Ethernet Ports (WAN)
1 Half-duplex 14Mbps power line network processor (LAN)
Factory reset button
LEDs: Link/Active/collision/power/running
Power supply:
5V DC/1A; 12V DC/0.75A
Dimensions (mm) : 214 W 116 W 26

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214 W 116 W 26
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