Sell 15 inch digital photo frame with HD panel

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How to buy digital photo frame?

Digital photo frame has become very fashionable gifts, it looks gorgeous, clear display and attractive multi-function, receiving a lot of people favor. But how to choose a good digital photo frame it? In my opinion, and can be measured from the following points:

1. Large screen and clear picture quality

Digital photo frame is now generally have a variety of functions, but its main function is to display photos, so one photo playback - the screen clarity is obviously our primary consideration. Compared to the limited field of vision narrow screen, large-screen digital photo frame is increasingly becoming the darling of the market. The largest screen currently on the market up to 10 inches, the mainstream 6.5-8.4 inches in size between the price of a course, a sub-sub-goods, "face the greater the price of more expensive", a good brand, such as Philips The 7FF1M4 and 9FF2M4, small screen and the price difference between the big screen more to reach several hundred dollars! In addition, the images the results were largely met by "resolution", "Contrast", "Brightness" and other factors. Resolution refers to the entire value of all the visible display area on the horizontal pixels and vertical pixels the number, it is also our most basic measure of image display clarity point, higher the resolution, the details of the performance of the richer, and the results more clearly ; contrast refers to an image of white light and dark regions of the brightest and darkest black levels between the different brightness measurement, the greater the difference in the scope of the larger representatives of contrast, the smaller the difference in the scope of the smaller representatives of contrast, a good ratio of 120:1 can easily display vivid, rich colors, when the ratio up to 300:1, they can support the bands, the greater the ratio of the color, the color performance of the more abundant, the more beautiful pictures. Brightness refers to the brightness of the screen, the unit is Candela per square meter (cd/m2) also known as nits. It is understood that a high definition TFT LCD screen, 800 * 480 resolution and 200cd / m2 brightness of the digital photo frame in the display effect can get gorgeous saturated color performance.

2. Multi-function

In addition to the main features, digital photo frame as a "new thing", "a complex multi-purpose" is also a great bargaining chip to attract consumers, such as the new Branch DT-80 not only can display images, but also play music. In fact, most of the digital photo frame via the USB port not only the body can be connected, such as DSC, MP3, PMP, PC and other equipment, and with dynamic control, bass processing functions, in multimedia format also supports MP3, MOV , MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4 and other format files. Imagine the next, in the silence of the afternoon, lying on the sofa, side table to enjoy the digital photo frame image changes, while listening to classical music, kept trained on the how beautiful and desirable!

3. Operate convenient, cheap Wumart

Science and technology innovation so that people's lives more convenient, fast and user-friendly mode of operation has become the key to our selection of digital products, one of the factors. Nowadays a lot of digital photo frames are specially made mini-remote control, such as the Patriot's F5003, the user touch of a button, you can easily switch to achieve the photo. Moreover, the individual digital photo frame also has a certain degree of memory, the general machine comes with a 256M to 512M between the store if it is a small amount of photos, no additional cards will be able to directly use the digital photo frame memory to store and play photos. Of course, if individual users have requested, but also custom-made large-capacity memory, digital photo frame. Million in 1000 despite a good digital photo frame is good, if the price is outrageous, or make ordinary consumers deterred. Therefore, the choice is also the price is right, when you buy digital photo frame is an important indicator.

The following is our specification for 15 inch DPF:
Display 15 inch TFT LCD Screen (Ratio 4:3)
Screen Type Digital TFT LCD
Resolution 1024W768 (RGB) Dot Matrix
Display Area 304.1 x 228.1mm
Color Silver, Black and White with Acrylic Protective Surface
Brightness 500 cd/m2
Response Time 30ms
Movie Format MPEG1 (VCD, dat, MPG) , MPEG2 (DVD, MPG) , MPEG4 (DivX/XviD, AVI)
Photo Format JPEG, BMP
Audio Format MP3 and WMA
Flash Card Slot For SD, MMC, MS, XD and CF Flash Card
Embedded Memory Factory installed 16MB expandable to 8GB
USB Interface USB Flash Disk and support type 2.0
Video Output Available
Audio Output AV Output for connecting to external Stereo Speaker System
Speaker Dual Speakers (2W+2W @ THD=10% )
Image Rotation/Zoom 90 degrees, 180 degrees and 270 degrees. IN/OUT Zoom
On-Screen Display "Clock, Alarm Clock, Calendar, Sleeping Time Setting, Function Setting
Function Control Remote Control and Key Buttons
Power Supply Input: 110-240V AC, Outpur: 12V/3A DC
Language Support English, Spanish, Western European languages, Chinese
Power Consumption 12W
Operation Temperature 1 0~ 400
Operation Humidiy 20% ~ 80% relative humidity
Storage Temperature -150 ~ 500
Package Content "AC/DC Power Adapter, AV Output Cable, Remote Controller, Instruction Manual , Stand
Multilingual YES
Support Format JPEG
Physical Weight 0.85KGS
Interface USB/Card Reader
Built-in Speakers Available
Certification CE, FCC, ROHS
Supply Capacity
2000pcs /month
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
7 days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
1 units
Terms of Payment
Terms of Sale
FOB Shenzhen
Warranty Coverage
1 year