Sell 16/8-Channel AEEG System

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AEEG System Features
- EEG is fast reviewed and can be marked by patient events and doctor note
- Digital filter frequency, EEG review speed and amplitude can be reset
- Amplitude, frequency and duration are measured on line
- Review speed is adjustable from 15 to 90 times
- Unipolar or bipolar EEG is switchable

AEEG MB8500/8000 Recorders are featured by
- 16/8-channel EEG and 1-channel ECG recording
- Channels for respiratory flow, effort-thoracic/abdominal/sum and SPO2 which are optional on customer demand
- 128x64 dot matrix LCD
- 128Hz-512Hz sample rate
- 8, 10 or 12 bit A/D resolution
- Real-time clock indicating: Year, month, day and week
- A built-in 50Hz notch filter
- 3 AA size alkaline batteries power supply
- Small dimensions of 120mmx75mmx32mm

MB8500/8000 AEEG recorder kit comprises;
MB8500/8000 AEEG recorder
12 x lead wire with Ag/Au disk electrode (use with bipolor recorder) or 14 x lead wire with Ag/Au disk electrode (use with unipolar recorder)
2 x ECG lead wire
512MB CF card & adapter
Pouch & belt
Operation manual

MB AEEG Software kit
Installation disk & protection key
Operation manual
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FOB Shenzhen
Warranty Coverage
1 year
164 grams