Sell 16(4x4) Keys for ATM 3DES Stainless Steel metal Keypad/PINpad/Keyboard(IP65, NEMA4. x)

16(4x4) Keys for ATM 3DES Stainless Steel metal Keypad/PINpad/Keyboard(IP65, NEMA4. x) You May Also Be Interested In: keypad keyboard metal keypad pinpad stainless steel keypad stainless steel metal
* 3DES IP65 NEMA 4X ATM Metal Keypad;
* Self-destruction when dissembling is detected;
* Dustproof, water proof, vandalism resistance,
shake-proof, pickproof;
* Interface:RS232, PS/2;
* Supply Voltage: +5V DC +/-5%;
* Lettering: Sunk laser legends & characters in high quality ink;
* Switch life: more than 2 million of operations;
* Actuator/keys materials: 316#(RoHS) stainless steel;
* Customizable keys;
* Cert:Pass the certification of
China Central Bank card testing center;
* IP Protection Class IEC/DIN/EN/ 60529:IP65
* IK Protection Class DIN EN 50102:IK07
* Faceplate dimensions:160X102.5 mm;
* GW:1.35KG

KMY Encrypted PIN Pad

KMY Encrypted PIN Pad (EPP) is developed to meet the public security requirements of ATM(automated teller machine, Cash machine, CDM, Automatic Teller Machine) , retail(EPOS, kiosk anyplace terminal) and payment centers(portal, ticketing, card dispensing system) . Using the latest security processing chip and technology, KMY EPP supports multiple encryption algorithms, such as DES, 3DES and RSA, with enhanced data processing method: PSAM and dual-channel. It also supports the common PIN formats, such as ANSI, ISO0, ISO1, ECI2, ISO3, IBM3624, DIEBOLD, DIEBOLDCO etc.

KMY EPP has high security performance. To protect sensitive information, the EPP uses a tamper detection and protection mechanism. Once a tamper is detected and mechanism is triggered, the EPP will immediately become inoperable and all sensitive information such as program, customer PIN and encryption keys will be erased automatically. In addition, KMY EPP uses a special security design which can protect the EPP from physical damage by means of, but not limited to, drill, laser, chemical solvent and disassembly etc. The EPP is designed with many effective measures to prevent the customer PIN from being obtained by unexhaustive retries. In addition, there is a battery low warning and a security temperature detection mechanism in order to protect sensitive data from being exposed.

KMY EPP is used in the self-service terminals such as ATMs, Kiosks and some other terminals which require secure PIN entry. It supports the most demanding application requirements all over the world.

KMY EPP has the following major features:
1 Support USB as well as RS232 serial port connection
2 Support external eight functions keys, beeper and guide light
3 Support all kinds of keypad layout,
4 Support multiple encryption/decryption algorithms, such as DES/3DES ECB/CBC encryption/decryption, DES/3DES MAC calculation and RSA
5 Support common DES/3DES PIN formats, such as ANSI, ISO0, ISO1, ECI2, ISO3, IBM3624, DIEBOLD, DIEBOLDCO
6 Support unlimited length of data for DES/3DES encryption/decryption and MAC calculation
7 Come with a full function, easy-to-use Windows NT/2000/XP compliant device driver
8 Be XFS ready, with standard XFS 2.0 and XFS 3.0 Service Providers
9 Secure, complete and flexible encryption key management architecture and technology
10 Support tamper detection and protection etc security mechanisms
11 Work on self-service terminals such as ATMs, Kiosks and all other terminals which require secure PIN entry
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
5000 units per month
RoHS, FCC, CE, IP65, IK07, ISO9001&3A2000
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
160X102.5 mm
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
7 days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
Power Requirements
5V DC +/- 5%
Patents or Trademarks
Terms of Payment
T/T in advance
Terms of Sale
FOB Shenzhen
Warranty Coverage
1 year