Sell 16*2 dot matrix characters VFD module

16*2 dot matrix characters VFD module You May Also Be Interested In: holes 2 vfd
LCD compatible interface and mounting holes.
2 line of 16 characters
High speed parallel /serial interface.
Operating temp -200 to +700.
Single +5V supply.
High brightness blue - green display.
ASCII and Japanese Katakana characters(CG-ROM font) .
4 brightness levels can be selected by control command.
8 user definable fonts available (CG-ROM font) .
7*2 standard connector.
With level bar cursor
Character format: 5*7
PCB size: 85.0*36.0*18.7
Display area size: 51.76*11.09
Character size: 2.26*4.343
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