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KinZo is proud to introduce the latest in Virtual TV games(VTG) . Utilizing an infrared technology, the game allows the player to compete against a Virtual opponent on the TV screen, while using a completely wireless handle. The game console packs a high-end processor, which will recognize a full range of motions.

We offer a variety of games, including ping pong, tennis, and boxing. All of our Virtual TV games(VTG) connect directly to a TV through the AV sockets located on the front or back of the TV.

Product Name: Tennis TV Game 16 Bit
Model No. :KZ-TVGame3006

The Tennis TV Game is the latest high-Tech TV Game simulator for amusement and exercise in the world. It not only enables you to experience a real world professional tennis competition, but also induces you to do some physical exercise during your playing in an interesting way. Children and parents should love Tennis TV Game since it can increase their responsiveness without adversely affecting their eyesight.
The kernel of Tennis TV Game is made use of the advance 16-bit micro-processor platform for artificial intelligence. In this case, player can enjoy an amazing, exciting and rapid responsive tennis simulation at home.
Furthermore, you may adjust various difficulties freely to fit for your own level. Tennis TV Game surely you cannot miss it at all.

(1) Real feeling of sport and competition
(2) Small size, simple to use, convenient to carry
(3) Clear menu instruction on TV screen
(4) Ideal game for self-training and home entertainment
(5) Attractive packaging
(6) 16-bit micro-processor platform

Inner packing:Color box dimensions: 57 X 41.5 X 44.5

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