Sell 16 Channel H.264 DVR

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1 High stability----absolute Hardware compression and the professional embedded operating system RTOS, completely divorced from PC, can avoid virus infraction.
2 Top advanced arithmetic---- H.264 (MPEG4 Part 10) video compression. Its better than MJPEG, MPEG1, MPEG2 and wavelet in HDD occupation. Occupies less HDD space and more convenient for Network transmission.
3 Adopt G.722 compression format for audio
4 Each channel compresses the signal at real-time individually, the parameters of resolution, frame, and record time can be set up separately.
5 IDE interfaces support the HDD of any capacity.
6 Provide the customers with the powerful client SDK, enables the user implement the second development based on their own requirements and build the remote surveillance and management system.
7 At accidental condition, watchdog can restart the system less than 10 seconds to shorten the non-work time. In case the power is off improperly, system will restart automatically once the power is on again, suitable for the uncared working situation.
8 Built-in alarm interfaces of output and input (the interface number is different according to different DVR. (Nomally, 4/2 and 8/4)
9 An Ethernet interface, support PSTN, ISDN, ADSL, LAN and WAN. Through the powerful client software, remote surveillance can be full-filled easily and support upgrading through serial port and Ethernet interface.
10 Support PAL and NTSC systems, the Max real-time resolution can reach 704*576. Record resolution is 352*288
Friendly GUI makes the operation simple and easy.
11 Support the alarm of video-lost, motion detection and sensor, support the pre-record and image shield, ensuring to get the accurate evidence and protect the privacy right of legal users.
12 Support searching by each frame, FFW, FBW and etc. Search according to time is more convenient.
13 Support the local backup and network backup. Data encryption techniques and 3-grade password solution can ensure the system can not be operated or data juggled by illegal users.
14 File management adopts the special structure of chain-table and fragment will not occur.
15 Powerful HDD error correcting ability enables DVR continue working while fault occurs. With the function of dormancy, the HDD working time is extended and work in rotary.
16 Extremely convenient to maintain the HDD as the detailed information provide the FDISK, format, the damage situation etc.
17 Detailed log information, including the Info. Of operation, alarm and network of the system.
18 Support the superposition of OSD characters, can display the date, time and port title of each channel. Title content support Max 8 characters.