Sell 16 channels anykeeper dvr card

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. Input: 16 CH
. Display (NTSC/PAL) : 240 / 200 fps
. Recording (NTSC/PAL) : 240 / 200 fps
. Digital Quad: 1,4,7,9,13,16
. Audio Input: 8 CH
. TV Out Port : 2 CH
Video recording resolution is optional among 384W288, 768W576 and 768W576. The maximum definition is over TV400 lines. ;
. Compression form: adopt MPEG4 compression technique is adopted in it, single frame data is between 1k to 2.5K ( 320W240 choosing medial quality) ;
. Display: Frame can be hidden and color can be adjusted; there are character information and video recording information in detail in the displaying interface.
. Playback: There are single frame playback or multi-frames synchronous playback; it has function of electronic magnification.
. Electronic map: There are electronic map function in mainframe; users can draw electronic map and setup alarm point according to actual conditions.
. Authority management: Multilevel codes can be set to manage authority for the system.