Sell 1600T Hot Open Die Forging Press

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1600T Hot Forging Press (Hydraulic Oil Drive)
Rated force: 16MN
Working pressure: 25Mpa
Clear opening: 2600mm
Max stroke: 1400mm
Column center distance: 2600x1400mm
Return speed: 250mm/s
Working speed: 45mm/s
Idle stroke speed: 300mm/s
Fast forge number: 45min-1
Oil cylinder diameter: 1X740mm and 2X360mm
Column diameter: 340mm
Working table size: 3500X1600mm
Working table max stroke: 1500mm
Working table speed: 150mm/s
Allowed max eccentricity: 120mm
Forge steel ingot drawing out: 15T
Forge steel ingot upsetting: 8T
Motor power: 990KW
Total weight: 280T
Height above ground: 9000mm