Sell 16CH/480FPS Hikvision Hardware Compression Card (4016HCI)

16CH/480FPS Hikvision Hardware Compression Card (4016HCI) You May Also Be Interested In: compression card hardware compression card
Low power consumption, more stable system operation;
Can achieve 8 channel CIF or 4 channel 4CIF resolution real time coding, and also support 8 channel 4CIF un-real-time coding; Supply more flexible configure method, support free change between 8 channel CIF coding and 1 channel 4CIF coding.

Compatible SDK interface, make software developing more easy and fast;
One PC support stable 64 channel video and audio input, can do real time coding for each channel, totally independent control factor adjustab preview and coding resolution can reach 4CIF.
Real time video and audio compression, no frame loss.
Can set coding frame format as(I, B, P frame series) .
Can set picture quality and code rate.
Can set brightness, chroma, contrast of video signal.
Support motion detection.
Support OSD, LOGO and area shielding.
Support watermark.
Support dual coding.