Sell 16ch realtime H.264 hardware compression stand alone DVR HY-8016HC

16ch realtime H.264 hardware compression stand alone DVR HY-8016HC
16 ch video input, CIF with audio, 8 Alarm Input 4 Alarm Output

Product Feature
1. Adopt with MIPS CPU + DSP scheme hard-compressing format ( main control CPU + Hard- Compressing Processing Unit ) , with strong extensibility.
2. Adopt with Linux real time operation system, with good transmission function in network and high stability.
3. Support Mouse operation.
4. Big capability in store, no limit to hard disk capability. Support at least 8 pieces of 750 G hard disks, up to 6T bytes.
5. Excellent network transmission ability, support Dual-Code storm and support real time monitoring of up to 48 remote clients.
6. Can adjust the code rate and frame rate automatically according to the network brandwidth while transmitting data on the wide area network.
7. Included with plenty of network transmission protocol, support ADSL dialing, support re-connecting after break, support PPPoE protocol, support dynamic domain name analysis.
8. Preview of each D1, support motion detecting, OSD, Mosaic, real time monitoring, watch dog etc.
9. Backup by USB, Re-writing and recording machine, network etc.
10. Manual photo-recording, timing auto photo-cording, alarm linkage photo-recording etc.
11. Screen saver, auto-dormancy in hard disk etc, to save energy.
12. Can search by video type, time, date etc.
13. Relative management software nVidieMaster is supplied to control in network at low cost.
14. HighEasy Embedded Hard-disk video recorder has inter-connected with several big video monitoring management platforms.
15. Auto start while power on again after power failure.
Brand Name
HighEasy / HiEasy
Condition of Goods
Model Number
Power Requirements
110V OR 204V
Patents or Trademarks
Warranty Coverage
18 months