Sell 185W Mono Solar Module

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Our standard solar modules are in the power output range of 22W to 280W, and in either Mono-Crystalline or Poly-Crystalline. We also offer customized modules based on customer specifications and provide OEM service to our customers worldwidely.

We choose high-efficiency solar cells and reinforced solar glass to assure module quality by raw materials. We also do specially treatment on aluminum frame substantially increases module endurance against high winds and snow load. Our modules meet the highest industry standards possible in accordance to CE, IEC and UL1703 certifications. For our solar panels, not only duration of defects warranty is 2 years from the date of delivery from our factory, but also power warranty is 25years.

Within excellent quality, low cost and professional service, we'll be your reliable partner of PV business in China. Let's work together and create a green future with solar.

Description :

1. High power module using 5" single crystal solar cell. This module with bypass diode minimizes the power drop by the shade.
2. Bypass diode minimizes the power drop by shade.
3. The conversion efficiency of solar cell is over 15%.
4. White tempered glass, EVA resin, weather proof film and anodized aluminum frame provide efficient protection from the severest environmental conditions.
5. Waterproof (UL94, V-O) connector provide nominal 24 DC output. Perfect for grid applications.
6. Using optical low iron tempered glass, EVA resin, module with aluminum frame for outdoor use.

Specification :

1. Standard modules: HPV 170S, HPV 180S.
2. Watts (Pmax) : 170, 180.
3. Open circuit voltage (Voc) : 44.3, 44.3.
4. Short circuit current (Isc) : 4.98, 5.4.
5. Voltage at load (Vpm) : 35.5, 35.5.
6. Current at load (Ipm) : 4.63, 4.91.
7. Maximum system Voc: 600.
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