Sell 19 pin dimmer pack

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◇ Model: MTL DP-6024AJ
◇ Control: DMX512
◇ Jumper Function: Yes
◇ Input Voltage: 3 phase 5 lines, AC220V 5013HZ
◇ Output Wattage of Single silicon loop: 6KW
◇ Output loop: 24 loops
◇ Direct loop : 3 loops direct EURO
◇ Wattage of direct loop: 3KW
◇ Socket: 19 Water-proof Socket
◇ Relative Humidity: 20%~90%
◇ Dimensions: 710W560W680MM
◇ Weight: 78kg
◇ It has matching function, the relationship between input line of dimmer and output is not correspondent but one matches several or several match one, ensuring the wattage of every line is not more than 6KW. It is very convenient in using for it could be matched casually as need on spot.
◇ There are 24 lines of output of every dimmer. And the output is 6KW of every line.
◇ It has solving code function. The channel can be chosen randomly by transmit switch.
◇ Light adjustment is tested by 24 lines turning button.
◇ Three phase current indicate , three phase voltage indicate of transfer switch.
◇ 19 water-proof socket
◇ There is indicating light on panel for the convenience of night working.
◇ Three wires Euro interface
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