Sell 1U-and-2U-Slide-Optical-Distribution-Frame

1U-and-2U-Slide-Optical-Distribution-Frame You May Also Be Interested In: distribution frame odf optical distribution frame optical frame slide type

*Slide type optical distribution frame 1U and 2U size
*Very convenient fiber and additional adapter installation
*Excellent mechanic performance, solid and durable
*1U size up to 24 ports, 3 front panels 2 trays each having 16 sleeves, 2 cable entries.
*2U size up to 48 ports, 6 front panels 4 trays each having 16 sleeves, 4 cable entries.
*All accessories included.
*PG type cable fixers
-Size 1U: 344 -485-242mm, 3kg; 2U 88-482-245mm, 4. 5kg.
-Easy to operate and convenient maintenance.
-Front panels suitable for FC, SC, ST adapters
-Low price and high quality

Any other ODF can be designed according to your drawings or sample.