Sell 1U4E1PCM30 E1 Multiplexer

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Intelligent 1U4E1PCM30 has 4 E1 ports, 30 channels. All of the 128*128 time slots can be cross-connected flexibly. This function
can make 1 E1 of 30 channels of voice data into other 3 E1 ports and merger unsaturated time slots which are from some other E1 ports.
Generally speaking, it makes the single E1 interface card of the county bureau come to 3 E1 interface cards in order to give numbers to sub-branch agencies.

Some other characteristics are similar with the OMPCM30.

With a turnover front panel that all the channel cards can be hot swapped after turn down the panel. The operation information and the alarm indication of the equipment showed by the LED indicators on the front panel. Network management is easy to operate. The equipment can connect with other PCM which is made by other manufactures or connect with the Program-controlled switchboards directly.

With some dissimilar, the cable connector is DB25, E1 port is L9, power supply can be only DC-48V, The demand for 220V power supply need power converters.

The 4E1 cross connect multiplex card with double NW64K V.35 channels and double NW64K V.24 channels. If necessary it can be upgraded to 4 channels. To this function the 1U4E1PCM30 is not only a PCM, in fact, it is constituted by many PCM. For example, 1 PCM30 and 2 E1-V.35
interface converters and 1 E1-RS232 interface converters.

With the help of network management software (NMS) , 4 E1 port could auto routing switch. In case any E1 direction is broken, the software will help the equipment switch the routing to other directions. Only if the E1 connect with different route, for example, 1 E1 connect with Fiber Optic Multiplexer, another connect with Spread Spectrum. This makes the system work possibly.