Sell 1ch Weatherproof PTZ Media IR Video Services

1ch Weatherproof PTZ Media IR Video Services
1. Whenever and wherever possible, the long-distance to video is controlled: where is no matter, the long-distance video to control the business of Company equally too, let your business all in grasping; control the operation of the company, warehouse, chain retail shop in real time through internet (ADSL, ETHNET, CDMA1X ) , it is you that devise strategies at the headquarters the indispensable tool.
2. Avoid the installation software to control long-rangly: long-range PC to controlled, does not need to install the special-purpose software in addition, media player is broadcast in direct, is easy to use.
3. Broadcast in real time, long-range recode: broadcast in real time through topsee player, long-range recode, keep the valuable video passage.
4. The media serve, many people to visit at the same time: inlaying media server in the TS8xx series products, does not take any servers, it is all right for many people to flow in the media to long-rangly control at the same time.
5. Password authentication: land to control and manage for long-rangly, there is only the latest situation that you grasp the company.
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