Sell 1kw horizontal axis wind turbine

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Home wind turbines consist of a rotor, a generator mounted on a frame, and (usually) a tail. Through the spinning blades, the rotor captures the kinetic energy of the wind and converts it into rotary motion to drive the generator. Rotors can have two or three blades, with three being more common. The best indication of how much energy a turbine will produce is the diameter of the rotor, which determines its "swept area, " or the quantity of wind intercepted by the turbine. The frame is the strong central axis bar onto which the rotor, generator, and tail are attached. The tail keeps the turbine facing into the wind.
1000w Technical parameters

Wind rotor diameter (m) 2.8

Blade material and quantity Fiber glass reinforced * 3

Rated power / max power (w) 1000/1400

Rated wind speed (m/s) 10

Rated rotate speed (rpm) 450

Working wind speed (m/s) 3-25

Startup wind speed (m/s) 3

Survived wind speed (m/s) 40

Working voltage (v) DC48V AC220V

Battery voltage / capcity (v, ah) 12*4=48 / 200 or 100

Speed regulation method yawing and electromagnetic

Stop method Manual brake

Generator style Three phase, permanent magnet