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MS. 1-ml vials for 96-position autosamplers measure 8 x 40 mm. Include polyethylene Sepcaps with built-in 0.01" septa for easy needle penetration. Caps feature a sealing ring for volatile sample containment.

MS. 1ml Sample vials products considerably reduce the risk of test results compromised by ghost peaks, damaged needles or dislodged septa, decreasing analysis failures and sample reruns. MS. vials are available in convenient combination packs and as stand-alone vials, caps and seals.

Tightest dimensional tolerances in industry
Compatible with a wide range of HPLC, LCMS and GC Instruments
Vials and caps also available separately
Meet standards set by governing bodies
Cap/Septum  tested by head space GC to ensure proper curing of silicone polymer
Membrane Solutions 1 ml sample vials are designed to allow for reproducible injections of minute quantities, making your limited sample applications more effective and more accurate.

HPLC instruments
LCMS instruments
GC instruments
Ideal for collecting and transporting specimens
Use as sample containers and for other general applications
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