Sell 1w,3w, led Hi-power Wall Washer

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led Hi-power Wall Washer is powered by 1 W LED, and it provides a even and wide color for surfaces, mainly walls. Connected this kind of products can provide huge project color changing requirement.

Inner 1W LED has a 1400 beaming angle , emitting distance range is 5-7meters; a 250lens can better concentrate the light and have a longer emitting distance; without the lens, Cast gives a very wide angle emitting effect. And these lens on LEDs are optional.

With DMX controller, Each Red, Green, Blue has a 256 color depth and it can provide a total amount of 16,777,216 different colors. Constant current ensures its stable peformance under various working conditions.

Constant current 350mA and low voltage ensures a stable performance.

it has a high adaptability in application such as public illumination, commercial place lighting, airport, subway, viaduct etc.

Size : 1000*160*75mm (500*160*75mm; 330*160*75mm )
Color : 256*256*256, 16777216 true colors
LED : 1W high powerLED
LED quantity : 10R/10G/10B, 30 in total (15pcs in total;9pcs in total )
Housing : Aluminium dye cast
Beaming angle : 250 with lens

Signal port : Waterproof connect
Controller : DMX512 control

Current & Electric
Input : 350mA
Power consumption : 30W max at full intensity (max:15w;9w)

Working Environment
Temperature : -200~ 600
Humidity : 0%~90% relative humidity
IP class : IP68