Sell 2,6-Dichlorobenzaldehyde

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Molecular formula : C7H4Cl2O
Molecular weight : 175.01
CAS No : 83-38-5
Property : Ash gray or milky white powder.
Specification : Item, indicator
Appearance : Ash gray or milky white powder
The loss of weight after drying (K. F titration) <=0.5%
Acid value : (Counted after converting into hydrochloric acid) <=0.5%
Melting point : 68C-71C
Boiling point : 124C
Usage : As a dye intermediate, this product is mainly used for the production of acidic intermedium chromazurol B. In the medical industry it is used for the preparation of dichloxacilin sodium and pesticide intermediate 2.6-dichloro benzonitrile.
Packing : This product is packed with bucket made of paper board, The net weight of product for each bucket is 25 kg.