Sell 2-Bromo-3-hydroxypyridine 6602-32-0

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We are a spcial manufacturer of pyridine products setires, we can supply "2-Bromo-3-hydroxypyridine" as a pharmaceutical intermediate, its cas no is 6602-32-0, other name is "2-Bromo-3-pyridinol", formula is C5H4BrNO, molecular weight is 173.9, appearance is white crystal, purity is more than 99.0% by HPLC, moisture is less than 0.2%, sulfate ash is less than 0.5%, melting point is 179 - 185 C Deg(melting range less than 2) , packed in cardboard drum, 25kg each net. If you are interested in it or in other pyridine products, you are welcome to conncet with us.