Sell 2-Color Flexographic Printing Machine

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This machine is to use photosensitive resin material as a soft version of the
printing press, commonly known as "aniline printing press. " Suitable for printing, non-woven, polyethylene, polypropylene plastic bag, cellophane, web and other packaging materials, paper packaging for food, supermarket
handbag, vest bag, garment bags and other packaging ideal printing equipment.
1, easy to operate, starting soft, chose color accurately
2 Meters can be printed upon request, to set the number to the number of automatic shutdown, automatic stop-off material
3, pneumatic move plate cylinder, automatic mixing ink after lifting.
4 reticulate rollers pass ink, ink evenly.
5, safely drying system to meet the high-speed operation, automatic shut down
6,360-degree pairs of flower continuously adjusted longitudinal device.
7, frequency control, adapt to different printing speeds.
8, edition of roll carts and shelves are loaded a little action and stop buttons, easy to manipulate the machine installed version