Sell 2-Ethylhexyl thioglycolate

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2-Ethylhexyl thioglycolate is a clear transparent and easyflow oily liquid with special odor which is insoluble in water. It is the important intermediates of plastics stabilizer, pesticide, medicine, organic synthesis, specialty chemicals and some other fields. It is also the main raw material of producing methyltin, butyltin, octyltin, antimony mercaptide and other kinds of stabilizers. It can be used as the drag reducing agent in PVC resin polymerization and as the catalyst in bisphenol A synthesis. We have advanced technology by using the Bunter salt method to minimize the odor and maximize the purity to above 99%.

Molecular formula: HS-CH2COOC8H17
CAS NO. : 7659-86-1
EINECS: 231-626-4

Properties Typical Values
Appearance Liquid, Clear
Color (Pt-Co) <=8
Specific Gravity (200C g/CM3) 0.9730~0.9737
Purity Quotient (%) >=99.0
Moisture Content ( ) <=0.5
Mercaptan Sulfur (wt %) >=16.0
Acid Index (mg KOH/g) <=0.4
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
200MT per month