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Brief introductionl
Wii Laser Light Gun is designed for the shooting games of Wii console, so it can enhance the simulative effect successfully. Just put the Wii controller into the
Shell, then you can use it! It won't do any obstruction to Wii comtroller's work and the fixing of other accessories. It is pretty in appearance and distinctive in mold, and ergonomic design.
1>This product is fretwork design, little affect the related operation of the Wii controllerand connect with any other product. It is easy to use, you only need to fix the controller in the combined light gun.
2>Simulative mini-tommygun design, the accurate collimation of the sighting telescope with laser head provide you real feeling and comfortable hold.
3>Gun-composite structure design is convenient to separate the controllers when playing gunfight games, no longer be bothered by frequent disassemble the controllers.
4>Light gun in use lets you feel super-shock game effect.
5>Material: ABS
6>Net weight: 140g
1>Please pay attention to put the controller in the combined light gun correctly.
2>Please use dry cloth clean it, never use chemical.
3>Please avoid repeat dismantling and installing the product.
4>Don't put this product and metal article together.
5>Please keep that no drying process by external heat equipment such as microwave oven etc.
6>Please keep the combined light gun away from the diredct sunlight, high temperature and moist comditions.
7>Don't press the heavy object on the combined light gun to avoid damaging it.
8>Please keep appropriate distance, to avoid accidentally injuring others when multiplayer
9>Make sure to use hand strip when using it.
10>Please stop to use it when it is damaged.
11>Do not let the laser head direct to eyes! Avoid injuring.