Sell 2-Mbps,2-Wire, G. SHDSL Modem:MSDSL

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2-Mbps,2-Wire, G. SHDSL Modem:MSDSL

Features & Benefits

>> to use ITU G. shdsl standard 2-wire 2304Kbps MSDSL modem
>>3.5km-9.7km transmitting distance in special lines with 24AWG(0.5mm) and 26 AWG(0.4mm)
>> optional digital interface: V.35 and G.703, rate support
N*64Kbps(3<=N<=36) , 2304Kbps can be reached highest
>>need not setup rate of slave modem, It follows the speed rate master modem automatically. So it is carried out to administrate the remote equipments in networks
>>there are many indicator LEDs on the panel to display work state and line of equipment
>>high-powered 2B1Qline coding technology is used
>>low operating cost, simple manipulation, convenient use, need not any software setting up
>>the test of analog loopback and digital loopback will be finished by keys of front panel
>> independent machine have two power supplying modes: alternating current and direct current-48V


MSDSL is FPGA-based 2-wire 2304Kbps modem. According with ITU G. SHDSL standard, with best concocting technology and very good frequency spectrum compatibility, It has 3.5km-9.7km transmission distance in special lines with 24AWG(0.5mm) and 26 AWG(0.4mm) . It can be used in every high-grade and high-speed telecom operation such as transmitting voice, data and images. It also supports N*64Kbps rate (N=1~32) of interface of V.35 and E1(G.703) . MSDSL has strong supervisory control function. You can learn from the panel the start-up, running and line malfunctioning, and so on. When the system is malfunctioning, one can locate the fault expediently with loop back test to administrate networks.

The operating cost is low. Operation is simple. Installation conveniently. One can use the DIP switch on the back panel to setup work mode and transmission rate while slave modem can automatically follow master modem rate(that is the rate switch of the slave need not to work) . So you can administrate the remote equipments in networks. There are many indicator LEDs on the panel to display work status and line of equipment


Line interface

Fully conforming to standard of YDN 056-1997

Transmission rate:


Line impedance:

Signal electrical level:
+13.5 +/- 0.5dbm

Line wire interface:
a pair of passive twisted-line, RJ45

Code error rate:
<=10 -9

Transmission distance without linkup:
3.5~9.7Km(0.4~0.8mm wire size)

Data interface 1 (E1 interface)

Transmission rate:
N * 64Kbps(N=1~32)

Line coding:

Line impedance:

Interface standard:
according with CCITT G.703 standard

Data interface 2 (V.35 /V.24)

Transmission rate:
N *64Kbps(N=3~36) ; V24(64K; 128K; )

Work mode:

Work circumstances

Power supply:

Power consumption:




Relative humidity:
0oC~ +40oC


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