Sell 2-Pyrrolidone

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Product name: 2-Pyrrolidone
CAS No: 616-45-5
Purity: min 99.5% OR 99. 0%
Description: Colorless and clear liquid
Chemical Formular: C4H7NO
Molecular weight: 85.10
Density (g/ml) 1.097-1.117
Refractive index n20D1.486-1.488
Package:Galvanized drum of 200Kgs net weight

2-pyrrolidone is an organic synthetic intermediate product. As to this kind of solvents we can use it to produce synthetic resin, pesticide, polyvalent alcohol, printing inks and iodine, and as the raw materials of production of polyvinyl pyrrolidone, poiyamide-4 fiber and piracetam, etc.

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