Sell 2-Pyrrolidone

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Product: 2- pyrrolidone

CAS No: 616-45-5

Chemical Formular: C4H7NO

Molecular weight: 85.10

Specification: 99.7% min.

Characteristics: clear or colorless liquid with boiling point 245C, flashing point 129C. It can be dissolved in many kinds of solutions such as aldehyde, aether etc.

a: 2-pyrrolidone is a colorless high boiling point polar solvent and is also an organic synthetic intermediate.

B: As to this kind of solvents we can use it to produce synthetic resin, pesticide, polyvalent alcohol, printing inks and iodine, and as the raw materials of production of polyvinyl pyrrolidone, poiyamide-4 fiber and piracetam, etc.

Package: 200kg/plastic drum or steel drum