Sell 2-Wire Baseband Modem:DSU128

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2-Wire Baseband Modem:DSU128

Features & Benefits

>>Be compatible with NTU558 NTU560(MAS) of DATACRAFT, compatible RAD ASM31, TAINET, DT128, LOOP-U3500
>> optional data rate:
synchronism 600bps to 128Kbps
asynchronism 600bps to 38.4Kbps
>>It has two kinds of interface at the same time: V.35 and RS232 only need switch to choose
>>to setup all of parameters with the switches on the back panel without open machine
>>with good transmitting specialty the longest transmitting di stance in 0.4mm lines can be 5km.
>>Using of high-powered 2B1Q lines coding technology ensures good quality and satisfies low cost.
>>according with V.54 diagnosis agreement and sustaining all kinds of methods to test loopback
>>without professional working, finishing all kinds of loopback test and wrong code test only by the switches on the front panel
>>with protective lines to over-press lines to avoid lightning strike destroying
>>with two kinds of machine model: standalone and rack mountable.


V-DSU128 is a high-performance 2-wire full duplex base-band modem based on DSP and LSI technology. Its transmission rate is up to 128Kbps. It supports synchronous and asynchronous modes and is suitable for loop between user terminal and interface of DDN or X.25. Because it has echo cancellation technique and adaptive equal technology and high-performance 2B1Q lines coding technology, it has good transmission property. The transmission distance in 0.5mm lines can be up to 7.5km. The product conforms to the regulated lines specification of ANSI15 loopback test and the lines transmission requirement of post and telecom office of China .

V-DSU128 is compatible with ASM-31 of RAD, LOOP-U3500, DT128 of TAINET , and so on.


Work mode:
2-wire private line ; full duplex

Data transmission rates:
synchronous 128K,64K,48K,38.4K,19.2K,9.6K,4.8K, 2.4K, 1.2K,0.6Kbps

asynchronous 38.4K,19.2K,9.6K,4.8K,2.4K,1.2K,


Transmission mode:
synchronous or asynchronous

Line interface:
impedance 135 ohm, physical interface RJ45, with pin 4 and pin 5 (the middle two lines )

Transmission features:
transmission distance is up to 7.5km in the line at 0.5mm diameter and 24AWG

transmission distance is up to 5.3km in the line at 0.4mm diameter and 26AWG (loop impedance <1400 ohm)

internal clock, external clock and slave clock

Test methods:
local analog loopback, local digital loopback, remote loopback

DCE interface:
V.35 V.35 interface, DB25 female socket

V.24/RS232C RS232 interface, DB25 female socket

Power supply:
220VAC +/- 10%,50Hz;


Power consumption:

225mm * 145mm * 40mm


0oC ~40oC


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