Sell 2-in-1 filler crown capper monobloc beer filling bottling machine

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BG series 2-in-1 filler crown capper monobloc beer filling bottling machine is manufactured and designed through the introduce of technology from Germany KRONES Co. , its capability is in the leading position among the trades of the same kind in our country, with precise and accurate liquid level, low beverage loss. The cap crowning is manufactured through the introduction of technology from KHS co. , it is used for filling and sealing beer with carbon dioxide and beverage.

Main Features
(1) Reasonable Structure; the drive system is touching tightly the large bottom of the separated bedplate, which is convenient for maintaining and checking up. The filling vat is located on the bed that has six supporting legs, which is steady and firm . The drive system has precise turning support, which can avoid the broken glass damaging the cylinder.
(2) Two-time vacuum-eliciting system: It can reduce the increasing oxygen to the minimum in the process of filling. The set of rousing bubble can also decrease the amount of the air hauling in the neck of the bottle to the minimum.
(3) The starwheel and filling tank transportation is adopted with a plane enveloping toroidal worm reducer with high capacity of bearing, running synchronically and steadily. utilizing electric concentrating lubrication, so as to attain the goal of high efficiency, low accident, long life.
(4) The main drive and the bottle feeding and transporting line have frequency conversion electromotor and frequency conversion timing, which makes the whole filling system and bottle inputting and outputting rise and decline synchronously, avoiding bottle overturning.
(5) Adopting double-leader centering cover, which can tightly hold the mouth of the bottle.
(6) Utilizing special high-speed beer filling valve through the introduction of technology from German.
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
production depends on the order
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
120 days
Model Number
BG series
Minimum Order Quantity
1 set
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FOB Shanghai
Warranty Coverage
12 months