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We are furfural manufacturer in China, we have two plants located in yucheng and mengolia.

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2-Methylfuran is also called methylfuran, its molecular formula is C5H6O and molecular weight 82.10(according to international Relative Atomic Weight 1987) .
The product is a colorless or light yellow transparent liquid with a smell of diethyl ether, can be dissolved with alcohol, diethyl ether, acetone, etc. is apt to burn (flashing point in a close cup:-300) . its International Danger Code number 2301 and its international code number 31041.
The product is mainly used as raw material to manufacture vitamine B1, chloroquine phosphate, primary amine phosphate and propene chrysanthemum monocarboxylate. In addition, the product is a very good selective solvent, hence many applications on high polymer synthesis and other drugs.
Shandong Ruide Chemical co. Ltd. can manufacture 20000MTS/Year with stable quality and prompt deliveries. we can also organize the production on user's requests.