Sell 2 phase hybrid stepper driver Q2HB68MC(D)

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Q2HB68MC(D) is a constant angle and constant torque stepper drive. The driven voltage range from DC24V to 80V. It can match 6 or 8 leads 2-phase hybrid stepper motor whose rated current under 6A, shaft diameter range from 57mm to 86mm. It is widely used in small size of numerical control device with high resolution such as curving machine, laser labeling machine, inner laser curving machine and so on.

 High performance, low price
 Special control circuit
 12/8 channels constant angel and constant torque subdivision, highest subdivision: 200
 Highest response frequency: 200Kpps
 The motor phase current is reduced to approximately 50% of the set current value 100ms after receiving the last pulse edge
 Bipolar constant current chopping circuit
 Opto-isolated input/output
 Driven current is adjustable continuously from 0.5A/phase to 6A/phase
 Single power supply, voltage arrange from DC24V to 80V
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Supply Capacity
500 pcs per month
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15.7*11*5.7 mm
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
Power Requirements
24-80VDC, 0.5-6A/phzse
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FOB Shenzhen
1.5 kg