Sell 2.4-D Amine Salt 98% Tech

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1. Products Name: 2.4-D AMINE SALT
2. Product kind: Herbicide
3. Agent type: 98 Tech, Amine Salt WSC, 72 EC
4. Chemical name: (2, 4-dichlorophenoxy) acetic acid

5. Characteristics and usage:
2, 4-D, its salts and esters are systemic herbicides, widely used for the control of broad-leaved weeds such as Plantago, Ranunculus and Veronica spp. In cereals and other crops at 0.28-2.3 kg/a. After dilution, it can be used to control the broad leaf weeds in the fields of barley, wheat, rice, corn, millet and Sorghum etc.

6. Packing:
Tech: 25 kg PP bags with inner liner
Amine 720, 860: 200lt drum, 20, 1, 0.5lt bottles, 2, 4-D butyl 72 EC: 200lt drum, 20, 1 or 0.5lt in bottles
7. Delivery Time: In 20 days after confirmed L/C.