Sell 2.4G Wireless Mini Camera 811D

2.4G Wireless Mini Camera 811D You May Also Be Interested In: 2.4g wireless camera mini camera wireless mini camera
* 380 TV lines sharp picture display
* Tiny size for discreet observation & portability
* Built-in microphone for audio monitoring
* Min 100m transmission distance without block
* Including adaptive bracket, easy installation

use one(monitoring)
For the family, hospital, market, factory guardianship, and somewhere that need monitoring but out of people's depth, like the fire scene and so on. . . . . .

Use two (family video and audio wireless transmission)
For the receiving of family DVD, VCD, television. . . Video and audio output. Note (meet a wireless transmitter in the VCD or DVD and a receiver aside the television, and then you can get the image, need no wire)

Use three (wireless backsight camera on automobile)
For the private car. convenient installation, do not the wiring, just the 12v power source. Characteristic (install the camera behind car , and you can turn on automobile hard disk videocorder for lookup in accident, wireless receive)

Use four (wireless receiving/transmitting module)
Used with the product. For example, form a complete set with the visual doorbell, to be a wireless visual doorbell. Wireless receive.