Sell 2.4GHz Wireless Camera System

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1) No need to set any cables, immediate use once set-up in a few minutes
2) Audio and video signals are sent from the color camera to the receiver, connect
the receiver to a TV, VCR or PC by an A/V cable or a coaxial cable
3) Automatic switch function of color image in the daytime and B/W at night
4) Six infrared emitting tubes of the color camera can turn on automatically in weak
light to ensure reception of the monitored images at night
5) Automatic scan or manual switch among 4 channels with up to 4 cameras
6) This model provides only one wireless color camera (WOS-815C) , you
can buy extra 3 cameras as you want
7) Over 300 feet (100 meters) transmission range without encumbrance
8) One remote control supplied for easy operation
9) Dimensions:
a) Receiver: 10.4 x 7.29 x 2.59cm
b) Camera: 14 x 12 x 12cm
10) Components: 1 color camera (CMOS) + 1 receiver + 1 remote control +
2 AC adapters

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