Sell 2.4GHz Wireless Surveillance System

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1) No need to set cables, immediate use once set-up in a few minutes
2) Monitoring solution for home or office security
3) Frequency modulation (FM) ensures clear image and sound quality
4) Monitor with TV function can be hooked up to a VCR for recording
5) Built-in microphone for audio monitoring
6) Video on monitor can be turned off for audio monitoring only
7) Signals can be received on TVs and VCR with an A/V cable or a coaxial
cable and A/V output
8) Built-in infrared illumination ensures clear images even in the darkness
9) Automatic switch among 4 channels with up to 4 cameras setup
10) Easy to change the monitoring angle by rotating the lens part of the
camera so as to cover the widest range and fix at any angle as desired
11) Over 300 feet (100 meters) transmission range without encumbrance
12) Circular-polarized directional antennas provide high quality signal
transmission over long distance
13) 4 channels selected both by manual operation and auto-scan
14) System: PAL, NTSC
15) Dimensions:
a) B/W monitor: 18.3 x 21 x 20.1 cm
b) B/W camera: 14 x 12 x 12cm
16) Components: 1 B/W monitor with TV function + 1 B/W camera (CMOS) +
2 AC adapters

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