Sell 20% Natural beta-Carotene Oil Suspension

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Beta-carotene in our Stars-brand oil suspension products dispersed in vegetable oil in the state of micro-crystal is separated from microbial mycelium. Thought we mainly provide 20% and 30% oil suspension for customers, we also make ß -carotene oil suspensions of different concentration as required by customers.

20% Natural beta-Carotene Oil Suspension

Properties: Micro-crystal suspending in vegetable oil, red to brick red when dissolved after being heated with well diffusibility. Color ranges from yellow to orange.

Application Scope: oily food coloring and nutrition nourishment as well as nutrition-addition to healthcare products, drugs and forage.

Package: 5kg/ aluminum tin, 4 tins/carton

Storage Condition: Sealed storage at shadow and dry place free from light

Validity Period: 12 months.

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