Sell 200:1 Freeze-Dried Aloe Vera Gel powder

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Procedure of the product processing: Select fresh aloe leaves and separate the mesophyll from the peel, be cautious not to touch the outer cell architecture. Then extract gel juice from the mesophyll and fibers, membrane-degerm it at normal temperatures to keep its effectiveness. Make it into concentrate by membrane-separation concentration for a lower cost on shipping and storaging. Decolorize the gel concentrate by membrane separation at normal temperatures to keep its taste for a long period and preserve the aloe active ingredients to the maximum degree.

Use: Aloe Vera Gel Concentrate takes miraculous effects in moistening skin, removing skin specks, smoothing skin wrinkles and restoring its elasticity; in enhancing human immunity, eliminating free radicals, mitigating inflammation and curing damaged skins. It is now widely used as an ingredient in cosmetics, sanitary articles, OTC drugs and health food.
The following products can be manufactured with Aloe Vera Gel Concentrate:

Cosmetics: 1. Sunshine-protecting articles; 2. Hand and skin liquid/gel; 3. Skin washing articles (moistening) ; 4. Facial skin washing articles (moistening) ; 5. Hair shaving-removing agent; 6. High-grade cosmetics (liquid) .

Hair articles: 1. Shampoo/hair cream; 2. Perm liquid; 3. Scurf-removning shampoo; 4. Hair-waving gel.

OTC drugs: 1. Traditioal analgesics; 2. Cortisone ointment; 3. First-aid spray/ointment/gel; 4. Acne-removing preparation; 5. Acne-preventing preparation; 6. Moistening base material.

Foods: 1. Childrens drinks; 2. Health drinks; 3. Health food; 4. Sports drinks.